Saturday, November 17, 2012

a felt playhouse

i had mentioned before about my things-to-do-list on september, 
since than i was working on this project...before Sinterklaas, finally i finished last day.

if we doesn't count the shopping day for felt and little stuff,
you can easily complete that big  playhouse  in 3 days, i think....i have great tips!

first of all, we will not sew....we will use the famous glue-gun. 
secondly materials from useless baby box, old toys or bed-tent from ikea 
which was my husband's brilliant idea, i was seriously thinking how to cover the playhouse, one day he brought that blue sky...another genius idea came from my mother : 
the base fabric, actually is a tv-blanket, big enough for to circle the box. so done! started with the research and decided the concept:  Gruffalo  our daughter's favorite book. 
than i made a list about animals etc.....and a simple drawing of design
after an another list about colors for felts. i only used templates for
Gruffalo, birds and squirrel, so you can quickly find and print from internet 
the rest...up to your imagination 

Have Fun!

Gruffalo Playhouse in the forest
giving a perspective to the mailbox....using a button for to attach the ribbon
this thick reddish clew so useful

spontaneously pasting brown felt pieces on the branch....that little basket also attached on the playhouse, she can put her books or toys inside


  1. this is amazing beautiful....a Blue's Gruffalo Playhouse !

    I want to visit you next week, for instance on thursday of friday, if that's okay with you and then I can see the House of Blue with my own eyes :-)))

  2. :) that would be great! please come...we read all together your beautiful gift "The Gruffalo's Child" :) xxx