Tuesday, September 25, 2012

autumnal applications

yesterday the famous "najaarsstorm" (autumn storm) started here 
and already we lost the half amount of leaves on the trees
still we have many happy-gardenwork-days
lets we do it in style

Garden Decoration
it's unlimited..........but my shortest, direct  and very french way is ACHICA.

beautiful gift idea, a great collection from ESSCHERT DESIGN
Happy Mother's Day

be Jackie in the Garden
instant of the panama hats, i like scarfs in the garden...more easy&useful... if you wanna look classy too,  i think the most classy figure in the history is Jackie 
and her unique way to tie a scarf!


  1. all beautiful things, autumnlike and you know, I LIKE autumn, yesterday was walking with Geisha in the woods while there was a very heavy storm ! Fantastic !!
    Nice autumn-colorful photos here ! xxx

  2. and Jackie, such a beautiful intelligent woman, but.....why Onassis...? :-((